Wisdom Circles

Wisdom Circles (also called Elder Circles) are groups of elders who come together regularly to be in community and to discuss topics of interest.  They are generally self-directed, with leadership, structure and content of meetings determined by the group.  In New Mexico, there are presently Wisdom Circles that meet on a regular basis in Albuquerque, Los Alamos  and Truth or Consequences (see below).  All are open to new members.  We also provide information on how to form a Wisdom Circle in your community, and an extensive listing of  discussion topics from the Elder Circle in Los Alamos, which has now been meeting for over fifteen years.


The Elder Circle 

A self-led group formed fifteen years ago, we meet monthly to discuss various issues relating to Sage-ing/Spiritual Eldering and conscious aging.  Our goal is to live our elder years with as much zest and involvement as possible. 

Meeting time and place—the first Saturday of every month, 9:30 a.m. to noon in the Wesson Room of the First Unitarian Church, 3701 Carlisle NE.  Bring a breakfast snack to share.  Call for more information—Anne O’Neil, 246-2616.  Open to all interested people.

Helen Horwitz wrote a history of the Albuquerque Elder Circle, on the occasion of our tenth anniversary in September, 2014.

The Wisdom Circle

This is another self-led group, formed in 2013 following a Sage-ing workshop led by Gary and Charlotte Carlson, long-time CAN-NM and SI members. All members or friends of the First Unitarian Church are welcome to attend.  Meetings include a potluck breakfast, socializing and an interactive program led by a group member.

Meeting time and place—the third Saturday of every month, 9:30 to 11:30 am,  in Memorial Hall of the First Unitarian Church, 3701 Carlisle NE.  Bring a breakfast snack to share.  For more information or to be added to the email list, call (505-897-1850) or write Gary Carlson.

Los Alamos

The Elder Circle

 In Los Alamos, we have a group that has met for about 25 years.  We meet once a month usually on the fourth Saturday of the month from 7:30-9:30 am.  These meetings are pot-luck breakfasts in which we share and explore what it means to be human.  It’s fun, engaging, educational, and rewarding.  We always eat well!   Everyone is welcome, all ages, sexes, religions, and viewpoints.  The only requirement is a willingness to learn and grow.  We create a Sacred Space at these gatherings, so there is no judgment, everything said is confidential, and all perspectives are respected and welcomed.  It’s relaxed, friendly, and often inspiring.  We are teachers and students for each other.

We began as a support group for Reb Zalman’s Spiritual Eldering work, and have
since expanded into a general discussion group that helps us enjoy and explore what
it means to grow into “elderhood”, to be an Elder, and to age gracefully and consciously.

As shown in the list of topics we have discussed, we welcome topics that expand
awareness and help us to live more consciously and more effectively.  There is no
group membership per se, anyone interested is invited and welcome to attend any or
all of these monthly gatherings.

Please come share your wisdom and enthusiasm.

For more information or to be added to the notification email list, please contact
Robert Benjamin, 505-672-1544.

Truth or Consequences

The Wisdom Circle

Our newest New Mexico Wisdom Circle has recently been formed in Truth or Consequences.  We meet once a month on the third Monday, from 2:00-3:30 pm.  Please contact Susan Shining Star for more information.