Membership in the Conscious Aging Network of New Mexico

Membership in CAN-NM is open to all persons who work with elders either professionally or as a volunteer, or who support our purposes.   Persons become members of CAN-NM by joining Sage-ing International, our parent organization.   To join SI, fill out the form on the SI website.  There is no charge for membership, although contributions to support the work of SI are both needed and appreciated.  Benefits of  membership include discounts for events sponsored by CAN-NM or SI, being a voting member of the organization, participation in leadership retreats and being eligible to lead workshops and other events sponsored by CAN-NM.

Many of our members participate actively in the CAN-NM organization, attend CAN-NM meetings regularly, and help put on or organize the workshops and classes that we present periodically in various locations around New Mexico. These active members are typically dedicated, either professionally or as volunteers, to helping those in the second half of life to become Elders rather than just becoming elderly.

Other members do not necessarily work directly with the aging population, but recognize and support the important work of CAN-NM in helping others to achieve their “best” lives as Elders. Most importantly, they know that they are supporting an organization that supports them and all those who wish to lead a better life as Elders.

If you would like to discuss joining CAN-NM and participating in our activities, or if you would like more information about CAN-NM or SI, please contact Susan Benjamin in Los Alamos, at 505-690-4597, or Gary Carlson in Albuquerque, at 505-897-1850.